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30 x 24 cm

144 color good quality pages

Laminated binding with flaps


 Juan Ayesta / 2023 (1st edition)




The content of this publication includes the entire process of creation and material execution of the sculptural work ARA, developed by Juan Ayesta throughout 2022. An original and unique sculpture, for a new care center for the elderly in the last stage of life.

Profusely illustrated with good photographs of the route followed by the author, this publication offers a unique and unrepeatable testimony of both the conceptualization and search for plastic ideas appropriate to its location, as well as the development and material execution of the pieces, including their final installation at the outdoors, in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The final sculpture offers an accurate balance between abstraction and figuration. A visual dialogue of two pieces, analogy of the masculine and the feminine, which tells us about introspection, inner reflection inherent to the human being.

pile of ARA books

an experience in Art and Life


​​24 x 24 cm

96 color good quality pages

Laminated binding with flaps


Edizio Frantziskotarrak Arantzazu Ediciones Franciscanas / 2020




This publication collects the unique artistic and friendship relationship between Xabier Álvarez de Eulate (1919-2012) and Juan Ayesta (1960). Two people belonging to two different generations who, united by art, share experiences in a specific space-time.

The thread of the narrative is based on the autobiographical story that Juan Ayesta himself gives of his artistic immersion and self-study in painting, near Eulate, between 1977 and 1982. These are five key years, in which Ayesta stands out among young basque painters with various recognitions, and who left a notable vital mark on their career.

The narrative is accompanied by a careful selection of photos of representative works by both artists in that period. And unpublished texts from Eulate to Ayesta are also included, encouraging him in his pictorial future, extracted from seventeen handwritten letters and a concluding text written on the flaps of a book.

eulate+ayesta pile of books
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