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1960 | Beasain | Basque Country

Juan Ayesta in the studio working on one of his works.


Juan Ayesta (1960).  Spanish artist, was born in Beasain, a little village in the Basque Country.


With an early vocation, he has been attracted to drawing and painting since he was a child. At the end of the seventies he achieved outstanding recognition among the painters of his generation through significant prizes in the Basque Country. 


In 1983 he was awarded by the Basque Government in Fine Arts. He moved to Italy, where he lived In Florence and Miland, while closely experiencing the artistic movements as Menphis design, Italian Transvangarde, German Neoexpresionim, and so on... which left their mark on his later artwork.


After three years in Italy, he returned to the Basque Country in 1986. For three decades he has combined design with his artistic development mainly in painting. In 2018 he parks his professional design activity to dedicate himself fully to artistic activities. Currently he is dedicated to the development of his personal artistic work, developing his creations both in painting and sculpture, and some times curating exhibitions of other nearby artists.


Ayesta's artwork, especially from the mid-eighties, is a continuous plastic experimentation, where the materiality is a recurring element of his pictorial career. With special attention to composition, color and textures as basic elements in his way of expressing his concerns. 


Always attentive to current events, among its main stimuli are those related to the deterioration of the environment, pollution, natural disasters and those caused by man. Topics that provoke and stimulate him to start his pieces. Another characteristic of his plastic repertoire, from a very young age, has been the fondness for encounterism, the recovery-reuse of poor, abandoned or obsolete objects. He is also stimulated by other elements – tangible and intangible – such as metaphors, signs, meanings, chance, reflection on space and time, the ephemeral, defects, vacuum, presences and absences.


In recent years, after receiving some commissions, he combines the practice of painting with sculpture. In sculpture, his plastic experimentation has led him to investigate human expression and attitude, developing works mainly in cast iron for public works and cast aluminum for interior works.

work area full of paint cans


Solo exhibitions

Gipuzkoa Provincial Fund. San Sebastian, 1980

Gipuzkoa Provincial Fund. Beasain, 1980

Popular Labor Fund. Alsasua, 1983

Gipuzkoa Provincial Savings Bank. San Sebastian, 1983

Gipuzkoa Provincial Savings Bank. Zumárraga, 1983

Municipal Hall. Durango, 1984

Municipal Hall. Majadahonda-Madrid, 1984

Gaspar Gallery. Rentería, 1985

Medieval Gallery. Hondarribia, 1992

Gaspar Gallery. Rentería, 1996

Zazpi Art Gallery. Zarautz, 2010

Aroztegi Room. Bergara, 2011

Oreka Art Gallery. Soraluze, 2011

Endanea Garden Expo. Hondarribia, 2011

Lobiano Palace. Ermua, 2012

Lobiano Palace. Ermua, 2016

Vital Foundation. Vitoria-Gasteiz. 2019

Diocesan Museum. San Sebastian, 2020

Oreka Art Gallery. Soraluze, 2021

Group exhibitions

“Guipuzcoan Landscapers”. Guipúzcoa Provincial Council. Itinerant, 1980

XXIII New Artists Contest. Guipúzcoa Provincial Council. Itinerant, 1980

XXIV New Artists Contest. Guipúzcoa Provincial Council. Itinerant, 1981

“Guipúzcoa. Painting 1959-80”. San Telmo Museum. San Sebastian, 1981

IV Barcelona-Young Painting Biennial. Royal Shipyards. Barcelona,1982

V Painting-Sculpture Biennial City of Vitoria. Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1982

"Youths. Painting 1984”. S. Fedele Cultural Center. Milan, 1984

Gure Artea Competition. Basque government. Itinerant, 1988

Collective “4 painters”. Medieval Gallery. Hondarribia, 1992

Hispanoamericano Bank Contest. Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastian, 1992-93

Expo “3”. Gaspar Gallery. Rentería. 1995

V Plastic Arts Competition. Barrena Palace. Ordizia, 2010

Participation in Art-Innsbruck (Austria) 2021

Exhibition at Van Gogh Art Gallery. Madrid, 2022

Exhibition at Azur Art Gallery. Madrid, 2022


3rd prize Youth Mural Contest. Beasain, 1977.

3rd prize III Youth Fine Arts Competition. San Sebastian, 1977.

1st prize XXII New Artists Contest. San Sebastian, 1979.

2nd prize VI Youth Fine Arts Contest San Sebastian, 1980.

1st prize II National Youth Plastic Arts Contest. San Sebastian, 1981.

1st prize VII Youth Fine Arts Contest. San Sebastian, 1981.

1st Prize XXV New Artists Contest. San Sebastian a, 1982.

Finalist I Bodegas Enate Painting Contest. Huesca. 2017-2018

Finalist ArtsFAD Awards 2019. Barcelona, ​​2019


Fine Arts Scholarship-Painting. Basque government. Florence, 1983_1984.

Fine Arts Scholarship-Painting. Basque government. Milan, 1984_1985.

Design Scholarship. Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. Milan, 1985_1986.

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